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Aamir Sultan immigrated to the United States as a young entrepreneur in search of the American Dream. Working around the clock to open a successful Information Technology and Data Analytics company from the ground up, Aamir built a better life for his family, and is now running for New York State Assembly to build a better life for yours. He knows what it takes to cut wasteful spending, implement cost-saving efficiencies, and create jobs, because he does it every day as a business owner. It is this private sector skill set that Aamir will bring to elected office as he works to cut property taxes, reduce the size of government, and stimulate private sector job growth to help your family.

Like many Long Islanders, Aamir is concerned for the safety of our neighborhoods due to anti-police policies, disastrous bail laws that free dangerous felons from jail, and extremist efforts to reduce jail sentences for violent criminals. These policies, along with high taxes, have caused neighbors to flee New York for other states. To protect your family and reverse this trend, Aamir will work tirelessly to overturn these dangerous laws and FULLY FUND police so first responders have the resources they need to protect our neighborhoods. He will also work to address other critical public safety threats, including the drug epidemic and rise in human trafficking seen nationwide.

As the father of a 4-year-old son, Aamir understands that there is nothing more important than the education of our children. That’s why he’ll lead the charge for parent rights in education, curriculum transparency, and increased state funding for local schools. Aamir will also fight to expand educational opportunities for all students by expanding skilled labor training programs and growing the job market.

A proud American, Aamir has resided in Dix Hills for 22 years with his family. He grew up in Pakistan and moved to Long Island as a teenager. Aamir graduated from St. Mary’s in Cambridge and went on to pursue higher education in Computer Sciences on Long Island, in NYC and Boston. He values hard work, responsibility, respect for human life, and equality for all creations of God.

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